Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My Dearest Jessep Michael,
  Today (well, yesterday), we celebrate your 24th birthday. Bruce & Meg, Casey & Katie, Mangey, Pat & Lindsey, Michelle & Kody and your mom and her boyfriend came to have a BBQ & bonfire. Maybe a few beers, too ;)
 I wanted to post about how much I just absolutely love you and appreciate all that you do for Hunter and I. If it were not for you, I would not wake up feeling like the most lucky girl in the world.
I cherish every moment I get to spend with you.
When you are gone, I constantly look at the clock, counting down the minutes until we are all together again.
I admire your hard work outside of the house that enables me to be a stay at home mom.
If it were not for you taking such good care of me, I would not be able to take such good care of Hunter.
When you are happy, I am happy.

Just look at Hunter, what a happy easy going little boy we have. He is the way he is because of how much you love him.

 On your 24th birthday, your first birthday as a father, we celebrate what an awesome guy you are, babe. You are so perfect for me. I love the way you make me feel and push me to be a better person. I love who I am with you. Just perfect. I love our life.

I love you, babe!

Erin & Hunter

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Belated) Happy 9 Months, Handsome!

(Disclaimer: I wrote this on my iPad nd it never published. I KNEW I wrote it and just found it so I am publishing a month and a day late.

Happy 9 months, handsome Hunter!

You are becoming less and less like a baby everyday. On one hand, I my heart aches because I want to cuddle and keep you innocent forever but on the other hand, I am okay with your independence as I feel I have embraced every new thing you have discovered and learned to do. Besides, you will always be my baby. 

In the last month, you have become more of the little man we have dreamed of.....

YOU HAVE TWO NEW TEETH! The bottom left then bottom right teeth both came in. You were a CHAMP! You spiked a slight fever when they cut through your gums. I am sad, you are going to look so different when they grow in all the way. Then again, it IS going to be pretty darn cute.

Speaking of teething, the last few days, you broke out in what we think is a "teething rash." It looks like chicken pox but worse on your face.

You get yourself from standing to the ground, not gracefully but you get there.

SO fast standing up, getting yourself from sitting to your belly and belly to sitting.

Ruled out strawberries, you break out after eating them.

Met your biological paternal Grandmother and her boyfriend. We went to the Addison County Field Days, first time for all of us, with all of them.

You still nurse 5-6x a day. 

Still will go for the meat on your tray first if served with something else. 

You got your first tattoo. 

Your hair is becoming more blonde, less red.

You think it is so funny to crawl out of the room we are playing in then when I come to get you, you crawl away faster and laugh.

Still lingering around 19 lbs.

We are trying cloth diapers again. I am SO sick of wasting money on disposables. 

You got your first wagon and you love to ride in it. Daddy loves how big the wheels are!

You think it is cool when the freezer is opened, love paper, and Daddy's duck calls.

Your hair is getting curly in the back. Few curls! Daddy calls you his immature duck.

We bought you your first tooth brush and you think it is funny when we brush your teeth.

You are so fun and we are so excited to see where this next month brings us with you. In the next month, Mommy goes back to school. You will be with Grammy, again. Hope you behave as well for her as you do for Mommy ;)

We love you, little man!

Love Always,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy 10 Months, Baby Boy!

I suck at blogging. I have not posted in forever and have a list of things I want/need to post about! Even a giveaway!! I swear I have posted a few times, one being Hunter's 9 month update but I can see it! Anywho, without further or do....
DOUBLE DIGITS!! While I am trying to embrace every second I can with you, I still feel it all just happens so fast. I am still forever grateful that I get to be your mommy. Your personality is evolving so quickly now, making me fall more and more in love with you everyday!

 In the last month of your life, you:
 Said "mama" on the way to Grandpa David and Nana's wedding and have not stopped since
 Point at things that excite you or that you want
 Dance when someone sings, you hear a song or a phone rings
 Carry things in your mouth when you're crawling that you are going to play with after
 Can sign milk, all done, more but have recently stopped
 Look up when you hear airplanes go over
Went to the Champlain Valley Fair for the 1st time; you hate an elk jerky stick, tried a bite of fried oreo (sh, don't tell anyone!), went on your first carnie ride, Choo Choo Charlie with Daddy then played Fat Albert.

Went Apple Picking for the first time at Allenholm then went for cider donuts at Hacketts.

On September 1st, we had goulash for dinner and you sucked the tomato soup off and spit out the noodles. It was so cute. Of course, you ate all the meat first.

Were so entertained at Grandpa David and Nana's wedding. You rode in your wagon down the aisle, played in the grass during the ceremony then danced (and ate) the night away. You did need one nap while we were there so we drove you around for an hour. It was so hot that day that our plan to put you to sleep in the camper just was not going to happen.

You still wear size 4 diapers, size 18 mo clothes, and size 4/5 shoe but you hate wearing shoes, you will not move when they are on your feet. Maybe we will invest in some slippers to start off.
 You love bread. If someone gives you bread, when it gets soggy and small, there is still no taking it away even to give you a new slice. Still love chicken the most and have recently loved apples. You never cared about them before but you must know they are in season, now!

 You have graduated your bath seat. You think it is cool to walk around the tub.

 You stick your tongue out. Adorable!

You go to Mommy's Public Speaking class and are the center of attention! You're easy to keep stimulated.

You play peek-a-boo by putting something in front of your face and pulling it down with a giant grin on your face.

 You kiss the phone when you see peoples pictures on them and kiss yourself when you crawl over to the oven and see your reflection. That's my loverboy!

 I always feel like I am missing something in here. I probably am. There is no way I can capture the fun and how cool you are in a blog post but at least I feel better throwing some words up there!

  Happy 10 months, baby boy! In the next month, we will be enjoying the start of fall, spending lots of time outside, eating goose and duck and planning your 1st birthday party!! I love you, my sweet sweet boy!

Love Always,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fat Rant.

  As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Hunter's 8 month check up (yes, we go to check ups even though they are not necessary SOLELY because I LOVE Hunter's naturopath. Any chance to sit down and talk natural parenting, I take it! Of course, she has to charge insurance so she does the whole routine but for the most part, it is conversing about our parening and lifestyle which I am fascinated by), Hunter was put on the chart at 25% for his weight. All things considered, that is not "bad" per say. 1. He is VERY MOBILE and burning lots and lots of calories for a little guy. 2. He is breastfed. Those charts are of ALL babies, formula fed included. Given formula does not change to adapt to your baby's needs, your child gets what the formula is made of whether they need it or not whereas a breastfed baby, the mothers milk changes to nourish the child at whatever stage they are at. Also, formula babies are sometimes coaxed into finishing the bottle or "come on, drink that last half an ounce" where breastfed babies usually stop nursing when satisfied. (This is NOT the part that formula feeding parents get upset for my generalizations or get defensive as this is not the point of the post).

  Anyway, back to the fat. Considering Hunter IS on the leaner side, our naturopath suggested I take Fish Oil capsules. No. After one of my admired mommy friends reminded me how wary I should be of the ocean because of how contaminated it is, I could not get myself to take it. If the fish are farm raised, EVEN WORSE! I researched many ways to add omegas into my diet, number one being ground flax meal. This is essentially tasteless. If I had to compare SOME taste to it, I would say some kind of nut but to me, when I add it to almost everything, I do not taste it. I also put it on and in Hunter's food now. I only paid $3.99 for this bag that will last awhile!

Hunter does not care for very many foods. What he does like, he loves and there are many that we have offered that he did not care for that time around. Also, Hunter does not eat a lot when he does eat which is fine. I would rather him fill up on breastmilk so when he DOES eat, I want it to be as nutritious as possible. A vital piece of a babies diet? FAT! Babies brains are rapidly growing. In the first year, the brain doubles in size and in the first 6 years, the brain does 75% of its growing. And what are brains? FAT! So what does Hunter eat for breakfast? FAT!

Obviously, not all fats are equally as healthy. Lard? No. Coconut? YES! Hunter LOVES coconut yogurt. Hunter and I do NOT consumer dairy (another post to come). Coconut is uniquely high in a rare medium-chain fat called lauric acid, which is also found in breastmilk! SO Delicous makes traditonal style AND the Greek (creamier) style coconut yogurt. They also make cultured Greek Almond Milk Yogurt which I bet is just as good. This is the only food Hunter will eat from a spoon. Every morning, Hunter has 1/3 or so of the container of yogurt. I do not like dairy yogurt but I LOVE the coconut milk yogurt so I eat whatever is left ;] Just warning you, this is pretty pricey. I paid $2.49/ yogurt for these.

So there you have it. Two ways to get more healthy fats. Feed those babies brain fat! Little man and Daddy are getting off the four wheeler and I bet Hunter wants to tell me all about it. Now off to the store to get your flax and yogurt!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is August. Um, WHAAAAT?!

Holy moly! Is it really August? This month, I start school meaning Hunter is going to be cared for the few hours I am gone by my Grandmother and my cousin, Michelle. I love my school, Champlain College. The way the set the schedule is so awesome! I have 75 minute classes twice a week for each class. I do have some classes that are two in a row so I will be gone three hours at a time MAX but for the most part, I will be about an hour and a half. Champlain is 5 minutes from my house, which is right next door to my Gram's so I get to come right back home to my baby man!

That reminds me, mission make Hunter a safe playroom at Gram's is under way! I have been thrifting extra BPA free and wooden toys to have at my Grams, also, more books because Gram and Shane like to read to Hunter. Next, a baby gate and some baby proofing tools. The countdown to my summer ending is on, ugh.

 Also means that I need to get into gear to plan Hunter's first birthday! He will be 9 months this month. By the time school starts, I will not have time to plan his party to the detail I would like so I need to get researching! I am thinking Tractors and Farm theme? Anyway, laundry is calling my name before he wakes up from his cat nap.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update 7/21- 7/23

First off, happy one month wedding anniversary to my ever so sweet husband! A month ago today, we just decided to do a small ceremony and get the important part checked off our list.

Anyway, this weekend we took our time getting up, last minutes for camp then we were off! We kicked back at camp with the fam damily: Grandpa David, Nana, Uncle Mange, Uncle Jaymo, Jen, Shane, Chase, Uncle Jeffy, a few Gillespies stopped by. Grandpa David's new granddaughters, Erin and Amaya were here to visit. We went out on the boat a few times, went for walks, met a dog named Charlie who Hunter LOVED, had a BBQ, ad a campfire. Lots of laughs as usual when you get more than one of us together. The lake has blue green algae in it that is making everyone sick so no way were we swimming in it! We brought Mercedes. It was a nice break for her without Bentley but we miss him!
Now it's Monday a.m, still counting my blessing that Jessep has Monday's off and relaxing on the dock while Hunter naps. I am babysitting Shane and Chase today. Headed to put the game camera for Jess and Mange up later. I'm ready for that relaxing ride through the islands. Speaking of the islands, there is a meeting soon to discuss treating the lake with chloramine. What the F, VT? Clean, sure but do not make the lake worse than it already is! I need to go find, Cedes. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Xo Erin

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thoughts From the Milking Parlor

As I sit here in the tub, pumping as I am trying to build my stash for this coming fall semester, I ponder this online journal of mine. Here is a list of things to expect from me in the bear future:
How Jess & I met
Future plans
Our pregnancy
Parenting choices & advocacy on topics such as vaccinations, carseat safety, breastfeeding including "extended breastfeeding," dairy alternatives, Cry it Out theory, Gentle Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Naby Led Weaning, green/non toxic living, diet and nutrition, super foods, herbalism, naturopathy, circumcision, and many more. I am EXTREMELY passionate about my beliefs and can cite my sources with ample authority. Small disclaimer: my comment section is open to debate and I promise you I will challenge you but do not feel attacked and be respectful.

Anyway back to the blog list....
The rest of our summer
Product reviews
Monthly development updated on Hunter
Weekend updates
Tips & advice (mostly mommy stuff)
And random rants

My bottle is nearing 4 oz (yay!) Medela Swing, it's been real.